Welcome to our First Packhouse Family Update!

Welcome To Our Blog / Updates!

Welcome to the first of our Weekly Packhouse Family Updates. We hope you will enjoy reading about what’s happening here at The Packhouse.

This week has been difficult with many kitchen staff away sick, while Annie our Kitchen Manager is overseas.

We’re grateful to all of our staff who have worked longer hours to hold it all together this last week ensuring that we still have quality food, and enough of it!

You may have heard that we have put The Packhouse property on the market with the Bayleys team.  We’ve been running the Market, Café & Bakery  here for almost 10 years.  We’re both getting on – long in the tooth – elderly, past our prime, etc, and we have 6 children and 11 grandchildren.

Although we’ve loved running the Market and the Café, we feel it is time to spend more time with our family and help them however we can. 
We will update you on any progress (if any) which occurs with regard to the sale.

This Friday 14th June is Friday Night Food Market!
Yes it's happening! We’re starting monthly bingo!! With the legendary Gill West hosting. Kicks off Friday 14th June at 5.30/6pm. Bar open and food available. See you there!

And this Friday's foodies are

✔️Hangi Brothers
✔️Chuck’s Smash Burgers & Fries
✔️Mexican plant based nachos
✔️Karaage chicken
✔️Mademoiselle Waffle
✔️La Patisserie
✔️Bettys Menu – soup, vegetarian, chicken wings, arancini & more
✔️Café’s oyster platters & antipasto platters
✔️Musicians for the evening in the café – Simon & Stew duo - Packhouse favourites
✔️Licensed Bar is open 5pm – 8pm 
Saturday Market
8am – 1.30pm / Café open 6am – 2pm

Musicians are The Bay Windjammers on the front stage and Nostaljam on side stage, both bands taking you back in time with nostalgic swing and vintage jazz tunes...

Saturday’s Market features approx. 80 vendors – food producers, plants, health, wellbeing, artisans, bakeries, etc.

Sunday 16th June
Market is open 9am – 1pm / Café open 6am – 2pm
A smaller relaxed market includes bakery, produce, second hand, collectibles, food vendors, artisans.


And last but not the least... This much awaited Giveaway will be drawn on: 

See you at the market,


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